Photo Gallery

David Schroeder in good form on the Quake Lake section of the Madison, Montana

Josh Cole styling Broken Nose

Surfing it up on the Ocoee

Evan Bates getting some cardio

Good times with great friends

Ford Robinson proudly sporting his Beater Belt

Bottle Buddy's featured in Get Out Chattanooga

David Schroeder firing up Fine Line on Big Timber Creek, Montana

Heading into Godzilla on the upper Ocoee.

Quick Draws - Youth size

Exiting Godzilla in the Duo

Youth set in Tie Dye

Tera doing some R&D

Chris, Ben, and Josh on the Ocoee

Hand crafted gear

Endering out of Godzilla

Shockerz 'Merica! straps

Bottle Buddy table

Christine Blumberg sporting the very first pair of Dedo's

Every paddle is made to order

Vintage Shockerz straps

Tera on the Upper Ocoee

Erich's hand paddles

Bottle Buddy testing

Tera on the Upper Ocoee

Small Dedo's with 3/4" straps

Photo by Paul Parsons

Shockerz Octoberfest straps

David Schroeder on the big waters of the Zambezi

Wet Willy's!

XL Pro's with Shockerz Octoberfest straps

Ocoee River Race

Thwart Chummies

Dean Robinson in the warm waters of Florida.

David Schroeder on the Zambezi

Punching through Humongous on the Upper Ocoee

Strap pattern options

Strap pattern options

Strap pattern options

Strap pattern options