Custom Crafted Hand Paddles

Four styles:  Original Series, Pro Series, Quick Draws, and Dedos
Two choices:  Naked or Foamed 
Endless options:  Choose your paddle size, paddle color, hand size, strap material, strap width, strap pattern, and foam color.
Our Original Series hand paddles have full hand strap coverage for excellent paddle control. These are great all-around paddles with a traditional feel. All Original Series sizes are $40.
Pro Series hand paddles have full hand coverage, plus an additional thumb loop. The extra leverage afforded by the thumb loops gives the user the utmost in control.  The thumb loops can be drawn flush with the paddle when not desired, thereby converting the paddles to a more traditional setup. All Pro Series sizes are $40.
Quick Draws are for those who prefer a little less commitment. Quick Drawfeature half-hand strap coverage and a thumb loop. This provides enough paddle retention for rolling, surfing, and general river running yet allows the paddles to easily slide off the hands when they are not wanted. Great for kids too! All sizes of Quick Draws are $40.
Dedos have the feel of our Original Series hand paddles with the added benefit of some finger freedom. This allows the user to enable a head cam, pop a skirt, snatch a paddle from the water, or do anything that a thumb and pointer finger can do, without removing the paddles from the hands. All sizes of Dedos are $50.
Our hand paddles can be ordered Naked of Foamed.  The naked paddles are just a blade and strap and will float, but just barely. This is how we began making paddles and it is the most economical option. The foamed paddles have a full covering of 4mm EVA foam glued to the top of the paddles which allow them to float much better than naked paddles. EVA foam (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) is a waterproof closed cell foam that is UV resistant and can be easily shaped and painted. The Foamed option runs $20 dollars extra for the Originals, Pro's, and Quick Draws, $25 extra for the Dedo's.
Our paddles can be made to order with a variety of possibilities to better fit your needs. We offer five different sizes of blades in two colors, three different sizes of strap spacing for different sized hands, multiple strap patterns and colors, and two colors of EVA foam. We also offer two kinds of hand strap materials, our standard patterned polyester and an elastic blend we call Stretchy Straps. These Stretchy Straps are made of an industrial strength elastic rubber blend and will stretch just enough to allow them to be removed with more ease than our patterned polyester straps. Stretchy Straps are available in 1" widths and come in basic black.
Styles:  Originals, Pro's, Quick Draws, Dedo's
Choices:  Naked, Foamed
Options:  Blade size available in Youth, Small, Medium, Large, XL
                 Blade color:  White, Blue, (Black in limited quantities)
                 Hand size available in:  Youth, Medium, Large
                 Strap material:  Polyester or Stretchy Strap
                 Strap size:  1", 3/4" (3/4" available in polyester only)
                 Strap pattern:  Ten Shockerz-labeled patterns of dozens of other patterns and colors
                 Foam color:  Black, white

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